Food Stylist Payal Gupta has been using her culinary art and handcrafting amazing food photos. Her food styling method has inspired creative food photography and resulted in stunning food advertisements for over a decade.

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If one were to identify the one silver lining of the pandemic, it would doubtless be food for many of us. With all that extra time on our hands and no house help, many of us have been seeking joy and succour inside the universe of the kitchen. We’ve been meticulously hunting recipes, laboriously collecting ingredients, cooking with a degree of diligence we never thought we had, and artfully garnishing all that fancy grub.  Motichoor ladoo foodstyled and presented on pipal leaf While the COVID-19-induced lockdown may have been a rather dismal reason to begin treating cooking with a little more respect, the festive season

Hi everyone, I would like to present my brand new YouTube series “Garnish” that redefines the ideas of food decoration, table decoration and floral arrangements. This is a series of interactive videos that include exposure to food garnishing sessions, DIY tutorials, workshops etc. One of the primary goals of Garnish is to give you guys a lot of DIY ideas using easily available materials and ingredients that you can use to garnish food, construct stunning floral decor table pieces and decorate your dining table in an exquisite way.Watch below the series promo. In my YouTube series, Garnish, the focus is primarily on redefining the

Food goddess Julia Child said, “It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate, you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. Truer words have never been spoken. Don’t you agree that the aesthetics of putting food on a plate is what marks true craftsmanship from the act of simply serving food? In that context, do you know that garnishes or decorations terms often used interchangeably are components that can make a huge difference to any plate of food? So today, I’m going to talk about garnishes /decorations and the role they play in giving a makeover to your food. Garnishes and all you need to

Ever found yourself saying “I wish I could create that” while scrolling through some glamorous Instagram food pictures? Or ever exclaimed “wow that is so pretty” while leafing through fancy table arrangement shots in an upscale lifestyle magazine? Well, this blog is created to help you fulfil your wishes. I will be demystifying the much used but rarely understood art of “food styling”. What you will get from me is simple, relatable DIY hacks and tricks that you can implement without much trouble.  As you keep creating extraordinary dishes with ordinary ingredients you will serve more Instagram worthy meals. Your family/ gang will look