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Sabudana Vada

The Ultimate Maharashtrian delight!!
Ingredients for cooking
  • Sabudana-75 gms soak overnight which then weighs 180 gms
  • Boiled potatoes-135 gms
  • Green chillies chopped fine-5 to 6
  • Ginger-8 gms grated
  • Whole Jeera-5 gms
  • Grated Coconut-35 gms(Optional)
  • Black pepper-2 gms(Optional)
  • Chaat Masala-10 gms
  • Powdered Sugar-10 gms
  • Coriander chopped-10 gms
  • Roasted and crushed peanuts-65 gms
  •  Curry leaves-10 pieces(Optional)
  •  Bread crumbs-20 gms
  •  Salt to taste/Sendha namak for fasting
  •  Lemon Juice to taste
  •  Oil for deep frying

Ingredients for Garnish
  •   I personally do not prefer garnish on these

Cooking time
  •  30 minutes

  •    4-5 people

Best eaten with
  •   Sweet curd or green chutney or ketchup
  1.   Soak Sabudana overnight. Next day drain water and keep sabudana separately
  2.  Fry curry leaves in oil till crispy and leave aside to cool
  3.  Roast peanuts without oil till skin starts separating and getting brown, switch off gas and then cool it. Remove skin of peanuts and semi crush them in the mixer
  4.  Grate ginger and coconut, chop chillies and coriander leaf
  5.   Now mix ginger, chillies, coconut, coriander, sendha namak, black pepper, sugar, chaat masala, curry leaves, lemon juice and bread crumbs in the Sabudana and make a non-sticky mixture
  6.   Make 30 gms round balls of the prepared Sabudana mixture and flatten it to give patty shape
  7.   Heat the oil and deep fry the Sabudana Vada
  8.   Serve with Coriander chutney/Sweet curd/ketchup

Important notes
  1.  If you add excess water to Sabudana it will become soggy. Make sure that while soaking Sabudana the water floating on it is just ½ inch. To check if Sabudana is good enough to use press it between fingers to check if it crushes. If it does it means it soft to be used
  2.  For fasting use Sendha namak instead of salt inside the mixture
  3. Make sure that the oil is neither too hot or cold while frying Sabudana as in both cases the vada will not fry properly. If the oil is too hot the vada will brown but inside of it won’t cook. If the oil is cold the vada won’t brown and will absorb oil
  4. Once you drop the Sabudana vada in the oil do not flip it for a minute else it might stick to colander as it might have not cooked and would be soft
  5. Make sure the peanut is semi crushed to get the crunch. If the peanut is whole it might drop off from the patty while frying
  6. Make sure that your hand is clean while you are shaping the patty. Incase the Patty sticks to the hand while shaping grease your palms with a little oil
  7. Make sure to weigh and make same size Sabudana vada else while cooking 3-4 different vadas they will cook at different time and while serving them together they might not be equally hot

Health benefits of Sabudana
  • Helps muscle growth
  • Improves bone health
  • Keeps blood pressure under control
  • Helps give your energy levels a boost
  • Helps you gain weight
  • Prevents birth defects
  • Improves digestion
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